Guided Mayday

Rogallo type steerable rescue system

The latest addition to our world famous range of Mayday emergency parachutes – Guided Mayday (G-MD).
G-MD is specially designed to enhance our range and cover market segment which requires an advanced solution in more difficult cases of flight emergency.

The sophisticated, Rogallo type, steerable gliding emergency parachute is now available, after being fully certified by CEN to the new EN norm and approved for up to 130kg.
It is designed for the most discriminating pilot, allowing for maximum control over events in case of emergency (glider failure etc.).

G-MD mainly targets pilot segment specialising in high risk applications – ACRO, industry professionals and competition pilots, but is equally appealing to the general pilot market. G-MD deployment sequence designed to function with or without cut-off system for the main wing. Accordingly it is also attractive to weekend pilots thanks to the simplicity of use, combined with advantages offered by steerable gliding rescue system.


  • Glides with L/D of ~1.5 – instead of high sink rate vertical descent
  • Fully steerable – in same fashion as paraglider, allows for choice of landing places
  • Very low sink rate
  • High deployment reliability
  • Ultra fast opening with low deployment shock
  • Good flaring capacity on landing
  • Exclusive to APCO – Competitive pricing
  • Comes complete with brake handles and bridle/riser

MayDay Presentation Bag

Each MayDay reserve parachute will be supplied in the new “Presentation gift bag” external package. This is a small aesthetic upgrade, a nice addition and gift for the pilot.

Material & Construction

Some text will come here about the material and construction of the the Guided Maday.


Guided MaydayGuided Mayday SLT
Area [m2]3936
No. of Lines2525
Weight [kg]2.91.95
Packed Volume [cc]59505000
Packed Size [cm]
Length x Width x Height
Load [kg]60-12560-130
Sink Rate [m/s]2.8 m/s (90kg)3.8 m/s (90kg)
Forward Speed15 km/h (90kg)20.5 km/h (90kg)
Glide~ 1.5~ 1.5
CEN CertificationEN
According to EN 12491 up to 125kg
According to EN 12491 up to 130kg
Packed Size vs. Volume:
The volume is measured by water displacement, and represents the smallest recommended packed volume, or the volume of the smallest recommended container to be used for the reserve. The specified volume is therefore far lower than the calculated volume that would be derived from the specified measurements.
The Packed Size measurement represents the measurements of the factory packed, but not compressed reserve, ie. the max dimension for each axis, and in its specified deployment bag, as shipped from apco.

G-MD is fully certified by CEN to the new EN norm and approved for up to 130kg.

Comparison Tests

The Mayday has been compared for a long time with some other rescue systems, but according to the findings of the Italian Free Flight Federation (FIVL), it still comes out on top. A series of tests, made from a fixed balloon in November 1997, attended amoungst others by Swiss Federation expert Alain Zoller. Over 20 modern reserve systems were tested.

Many vital properties of an emergency parachute were assessed, such as opening speed at high and low velocity, sink rate and stability during descent. The Mayday 16 was the second smallest parachute on test and yet it consistently performed at the top even in sink rate and stability. The only systems with a better sink rate were; 31.7m2, 34.1m2 and 43.4m2, all at least 10m2 larger than the Mayday’s 22.1m2 and in the case of the Trekking F22 at 43.3m2 nearly twice as big. The Mayday is a pulled down apex reserve parachute, which possesses the one thing that wasn’t tested – reliability. But over the years the reliability of the system has been well proven. Anatoly Cohn recalls that the system has saved hundreds of pilots around the world. At a time when trends and gimmicks regularly come and go the Mayday has been saving pilots since 1984. What other system can boast a fact like that?

Options and Accessories

Product Codes

Guided Mayday – Rogallo type

  • 84199: G-MD, canopy only unfolded
  • 84101A:G-MD, folded in deployment bag 44120LT
  • 84141: G-MD, complete in front container
  • 84142: G-MD, complete in P/M container