The V-links replace the traditional rapide maillon  (quicklinks) connecting the lines to the risers.

The V-links are beautifully forged from 7075 T6 aircraft grade Aluminium – more resembling “jewelry”  than paragliding hardware!
They utilize a geometrical lock which is sealed by a plastic insert that once put in place cannot fail, creating a fool proof mechanism.

The V-links are a pure improvement on all aspects, and prove once again that APCO Aviation is Setting Future Standards::

Strength ::

Over 1,000 kg breaking load per piece.The V-links are more than two times stronger than traditional rapide maillons! The V-links also improve the breaking point of the lines themselves, creating a better and stronger connection system. The interface between the lines and the V-links spreads the load over a wider contact area, thus preventing failure at the point of concentrated load. Rapide maillon will potentially fail at the point of connection between the metal and line which is a point of load concentration. Bending tests were performed on the shape of the V-links, proving also that on this point it is better than a standard rapide maillon.

Weight ::

A mere 7 [gr] per piece, the V- links weigh 50% less than a traditional rapide maillon.

Safety ::

The geometrical lock is smarter and safer than a threaded nut lock on a traditional rapide maillon. With the V-link there is no option for failure such as:

  • Failing / forgetting to properly close the threaded nut.
  • Over tightening and destroying the threads.
  • Vibration related unscrewing and opening during flight.

Functionality ::

The V-links are fool proof. Their shape and curvature sits perfectly in the fingers during inflation, improving the feel and user experience of the glider.

Design ::

Ingenious. Looking at the shape of the V-link, a question of line length may arise. When closely inspected, the diameter on which the lines are supported, is changing and therefore compensating for the difference in the length of the lines. The end result is that using a V-link is identical to mounting all lines to the same point as on the rapide maillion.

Locking ::

The lines are locked securely in place by a plastic insert.
The insert acts as a geometrical lock only which does not carry any load, but only seals the opening. The insert is secured into place by a snap mechanism which once installed will not come out, securing the lines in place.

NOTE: Plastic insert has been updated to a snap on version

V-link Service manual
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Trim / Line Adjustment
Trim / Line Adjustment manual