60236A: Helmet case


Heat formed EVA case designed by pilots for pilots!

The helmet case is a well thought out item which will help protect and prolong your personal flying gear, as well as concentrating all items together so as not to forgot any item behind.

Cloud Chaser Helmet


Designed in cooperation with an Italian helmet manufacturer. Made and distributed independently by Apco. The helmet is manufactured using carbon fiber/kevlar technology, from hand laid fiberglass. Further information.

Cloud Chaser Helmet

Cloud Chaser Helmet Helmets Buy Online Now Description Designed in cooperation with an Italian helmet manufacturer. Made and distributed independently by Apco. The helmet is manufactured using carbon fiber/kevlar technology, from hand laid fiberglass. Color Options White Matt Red Matt Gray Matt Blue Size:SMLXLXXL Internal Circumference [cm]55.5-5757-58.558.5-6161-62.562+ Product Informations CLOUD CHASER is FULLY CERTIFIED by…


FREE AIR COM III Helmets Buy Online Now Description Free Air Com III is a unique helmet, manufactured using advanced carbon Kevlar technology, with hand laid composite shell. Aiming to optimise the design of helmet for airborne sports, specially targeting paramotor pilots. Free Air Com III is an evolution of our very popular Free Air…

Lift EU II

Lift EU II Lift your Spirit Certification: DGACDetails LIFT EU II is APCO’s full reflex wing dedicated to use with Trikes. The LIFT EU II is the second generation of this wing and a big step up from the original Lift EU – improved in both look and feel! The ABS2® system on the LIFT…


From:Francis gagnon
Sent:Friday, January 29, 2016 6:11 PM

Hello Sally, I need to order another helmet free air com III… as you can see one of our clients had an accident… prop strike directly on the head… by chance he has no injuries due to the great quality of the helmet.


free air com III-no injuries after an accident

Tandem Pilot

Tandem Pilot Paragliding Harness OverviewFeaturesSpecs & ColorsGalleryProtectionFAQOptions Simply named Pilot harness and Passenger harness these harness set is APCO’s foot mark in the tandem harness market. Specially designed for professional use by tandem pilots and their passengers. Each harness is designed to be used as part of an integrated set for Pilot and Passenger. Synergized to work perfectly together.…

HIKE Mountain Harness

Attachable airbag for extra protection (See more in Protection Tab) Split legs Emergency parachute shoulder attachment points Compression straps for volume adjustment Loop and slide buckle on chest – one click strap in Mesh side pocket Ergonomic breathable back support Generous volume to contain most solo wings [approx. 60 liter] Attachment points for poles /…

Date: January 3, 2005

Harness: APCO Contour
Protections: Yes
Helmet: Yes

Parachute: Yes (APCO May Day 18)

Boots: Yes
Glasses: Yes
Gloves: Yes


Hour: 13 hs
Place and time of takeoff: Merlo 12.30 hs
Place : Merlo
Province : San Luis

Wind: N 10 Km

Number of flights at this place: 20

Description of the incident/accident:

The wing loose the pressure and asymmetric collapse (I don’t remember percent) (right side). The wing accelerated and entered into a spiral dive ,the wing was vertical and the G force don’t let me move. All this in a second. With a big force I move my arm upon the handle. I throw the Mayday in one movement. Because de spin force the opening was very fast (like an explosion), but the Mayday deployed perfectly. I fell over a big tree . I hang over the floor about 2 or 3 meters. I get down and I copy my GPS position with de radio. I was Ok, unharmed and the rescue teem spent about two hours to reach my position. I was in the middle of the wall of a deep gorge. The floor was about 45°. I could recover all my equipment and will have the Mayday repacked in no time to be ready again in case of need.

Origin of the incident: probably rotor produced because the NE wind. (wind of the other side of the mountain)

I now appreciate the necessity of good Mayday rescue chute more than ever before and would recommend for everyone to never fly without a Mayday.
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to never fly without a Mayday…