Safety and style are two main factors why many choose an Apco helmet, but the new Jetcom helmet has so many practical factors that make it such a great choice.  I really like the head retention adjuster and this allows a comfortable and secure fit.  I decided to fit the half visor and this really did prevent cold air rushing over my eyes when paramotoring at full speed during a January flight.  I have not required the venting cooler head option yet, but I think this will be very useful during a hot take off and closing the vents easily during flight is a nice design feature.  A removable and washable helmet liner makes good personal hygiene sense for those sweaty take off days.  The helmet also has threaded inserts to allow the easy fitting of ear defenders/communication systems.  A final design bonus is that the Jetcom helmet can be converted from a paramotor helmet into a paraglider or ski helmet for a multi activity option.  Safety, style and practicality – brilliant.