I’m happy to give you my review notes on the wing in this email.  Jeff Hamann let me use the his new Force 2 wing for the trip in Chile for photos.  For your reference, I fly ~300 paramotor hours per year (~100 paragliding) and travel around the world for flying adventures.  I have owned many wings in the past 10 years and I am intrigued and impressed by the Force 2 as a good “do everything” wing. I am interested in buying a Force 2 wing!!

1)      Well Balanced:  I found this wing to have the perfect balance between agility and stability.  Most of my other “cross country” wings in the past from other manufacturers can only function as a solid long distance “cruiser type” of wing.  Most very stable XC wings serve their function solely as a long distance wing and are not fun to fly “locally” or as an everyday wing.  As a side note, I usually fly my 18m or 20m Little Cloud GT2s for local fun flying with my Paramotor (and for free flying in strong winds).  However, the Force 2 not only has good stability characteristics, it also has the ability to carve powerful turns and develop big wing overs very easily.  I did not find the need to fly my other “more playful” wings when I’m on the Force 2.  This wing has been developed to be a perfect balance between a utilitarian style, cross country wing as well as a fun/playful every day wing.  It is the best of both worlds.

2)      Excellent 2D Steering:  The wing reacts very well to precise hand placements / movements to either fly aggressively or passively – how the pilot desires at any moment.

3)      Holds Energy:  The wing can develop lots of energy very quickly and allows for steep diving turns if you choose, or nice flat, high banked, well-rounded, predictable turns.  Large “over the top” wing overs are incredibly easy on this wing with the potential for a big loss in altitude (fun diving characteristics), high G-forces, and high energy playful maneuvers. 

4)      Easy Launch/Landing:  Slow takeoff speeds in tight launch sites are a huge necessity on cross country flying expeditions.  This wing performs very well with easy no wind forwards or high wind reverses.  Well done. 

5)      Good Speed Range:  One of the most important factors in a XC wing is the ability to penetrate when unexpected winds arrive.  This wing has a good high speed when using the speed bar.