From: Lev Manouvakhov 
To: Apco Aviation
Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2005 6:51 AM
Subject: Mayday Save

Hi Anatoly.

Everything is fine.
But I’ve forgotten to thank you for the excellent design of the APCO’s reserve – the MayDay .

The 12 years old MayDay-16 saved my friend’s life ( he has 4 kids…).

The accident happened in Pemberton ( BC , Canada) on August 18, 2005:

Height – 2800 m (400 m over the peak).
Hook up weight – 100 kG.
After 2-3 collapses the wing twisted twice around the lines ( 720 deg ) and the glider went into very wild spiral dive.
Having descent 14 m/sec (vario showed later) the pilot did throw his reserve and landed on the very steep and very rocky side of the mountain.
The result is the following: the pilot had minor injuries, but he is alive!!!

Thank you again.
With best wishes, Leon