I was lucky enough to be able to test the new F5 from APCO, I was delighted with the ease of inflation it has, with just a little breeze and just by taking a step back it goes up on its own, without having to use the A lines. , the SRS system on the risers makes it much easier to control the wing when it is overhead!
The flight is incredibly stable, the controls are very smooth and with good reaction; It seems incredible, but the Mohawk, as the central rudder that the F5 has has been called, works very well, both when starting and maintaining turns and when exiting them, making this sail very stable and allowing us to evolve safely.
The trimmers are very easy to use and slide very well.
When applying the speed bar at 100% with the trimmers open, the wing remains very safe and firm in its trajectory.
It really is a very safe wing for pilots who want to fly without problems and for students who want to evolve and take that extra step safely.