Flying in the Hybrid was an amazing and surprinsingly experience.

Opening the Paraglider, the lightness, the quality of the materials and the geniality of the project already impresses.

Inflating can be even easier than a normal wing. With light weight and great efficiency the glider rises fast and easy, but before you feel the need to contain the pitch it already stops in your head by itself. I can not think of a better wing for takeoffs with no wind. In addition, the proposals is to take off with up to 3km of back wind. It is certainly a very interesting feature for days with undefined wind.

During the flight the first sensation is almost to levitate, light but with great stability. Even flying in a condition with thermals above 5m / s it’s behavior was extremely docile! You take 5 min to fall in love !!! The brakes are precise and have a very progressive weight which provides a very pleasant flight. Even climbing on a strong thermal the glider responds immediately with very tight turns and very stable when turning flat.

Definitely a beautiful wing flies well! In addition to great features the hybrid has a beautiful shape. Both seen from below by the pilot and from outside. Fluid lines and lots of harmony.

The landing was also very easy and very resourceful.

I cannot wait to receive my hybrid. The most amazing wing I’ve ever flown and surely one of my next toys that I’ll use the most.