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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:52 am    Post subject: Hybrid Wing – Apco Aviation Reply with quote 

I’m just back from the Dead Sea and had the chance to try the new hybrid wing from Apco Aviation something you have not seen yet.

A wing with a bit more than a third of the glider with closed cells and the rest just with a single skin construction, Apco is calling the wing a hybrid.

First of all the wing is fairly light, looks good and feels good! When you touch it you will know.

But now the best part, it is different! It is super easy to take off, fun to fly with good performance and landing the glider where you want no matter how the ground looks like makes it even better!

I’m paragliding for over 18 Years and YES there is finally something new coming! I’m usually not the type of pilot to fly down and want to run up the hill to just fly again (when conditions are not good) but this wing made a big grin on my face and I had 3 goes in row until it went dark!