and the rate of climb when catching the thermal core can not be tolerated by others It is not exaggeration to say that it is outstanding as much”

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“Innovative safety glider
Paraglider’s new design style
Hybrid appearance
“Hybrid” announced from Apco Aviation is an innovative design wing that fuses the conventional double surface wing (ram air sale) and single skin wings. This new system not only merely reduces the weight of the wing but also shows surprisingly easy handling that is friendly to beginners and demonstrates breakthrough and phenomenal functions that demonstrate overhead stability and enhance safety during flight To do.
Apoco prototyped various profiles and prototypes for a long time and finally completed the hybrid, but its flight characteristics finally obtained EN-A certification in most categories, almost normal EN-A It is finished in stability and perfect safety tuning which can be said to be a glider of (Note 1).
Note 1: Although 75% side collapse and full collapse at MAX load & full accelerator are B certified, it is attributed to the time to open, and gentle recovery without shooting or impact open Characteristics are shown.)
Since we got S size and M size test ride machine this time, we will test with each size and I would like to impress the characteristics of the actual hybrid.
Profile that the leading edge is shark nose ram air and the trailing edge is single skin. By the rectification effect of the carefully arranged ribs, we acquired amazing roll stability without skidding.
Compared with ordinary wings, the lower surface is curved and becomes a wing type closer to the wing of the bird, which is disadvantageous in terms of gliding performance at high speed, but the lift characteristic at low speed is much higher.
■ Pitch stabilization
As soon as ground handling is done, the wings themselves are light, and the canopy which completed the rise-up maintains the position that produces lift regardless of the amount of break. Even when load is increased or decreased, it is feeling to maintain the position against the pilot without shaking greatly back and forth. This seems that the position of the lift center due to the load change and the break operation is stable while producing strong lift force and the hybrid is constantly trying to pull the pilot upward just above. Even with pitching operation during flight, even when decelerating and accelerating repeatedly to create a big shake, returning to non-operation restrains shooting and instantly returns to stable gliding.
With the complex structural system studied, we achieved very plane blade formation. With a strong leading edge, the growth of the accelerator is also comparable to the normal glider.
■ Roll stability
The hybrid exhibits roll stability which can not be thought of with conventional wings. It has a very smooth and direct roll characteristic according to the break operation, but for all of gentle operation and abrupt operation, automatically corresponding to the centrifugal force, the canopy should be present It is stable and stable. This is due to the fact that the rib structure arranged in the single skin at the trailing edge of the blade creates directional stability like the vertical tail of the airplane and prevents the airflow on the blade surface from skidding , When returning from a large bank to non-operation, immediately the roll’s positive stability is demonstrated and the shake stops. Not only for free flight but also for PPG it is difficult to roll due to reversing torque and Apunco is acclaimed as PPG training machine.
■ Break operation
Although it is commonplace, the hybrid break operation is very light handling. Because it only deflects the air flow and applies the brake by lowering the single skin part which is receiving the air current, it does not receive the resistance to deform the inflated wing. In other words, the pressure that the break code feels is equal to the force directly acting on the air current, and feedback from the clear and easy to understand wing is obtained.
In addition, it is noteworthy that the pressure of the break code is very heavy at the stroke until the stall, indicating strong resistance which is not different from the normal EN-A machine. The resistance which the conventional trailing edge of the wing is subject to and the resistance which the single skin receives are nearly the same. In case
In addition, the hybrid when introducing to stall keeps inflated even if the shark nose · ram air portion of the leading edge draws a single skin, and recovers quickly when break is returned by the initial stall sense. Relatively little shooting during recovery.
Take-off operation
Since the volume of the interior of the wing is small, the inflation is completed only by inflow of air into the leading edge, the hybrid canopy showing a smooth and rise-up so as to feel almost unnecessary for running-up is a high-lift wing section with a curved lower surface It produces a very strong lift force from. Therefore, it is possible to reach takeoff speed at low speed and complete takeoff at short distance. Also, because the directional stability is also high due to the rib structure at the trailing edge, there is an advantage that it is easy for the canopy to flow sideways, even if slight differences in left and right inflation occur, it is easier to correct operation to safe take-off. This can be said to be better takeoff characteristics than all existing beginner aircraft. The short distance takeoff and landing performance is a very important indicator in aircraft and it can be said to be the most important performance for safety in PPG like power flight.
■ Landing operation
As for the landing of the hybrid, it is almost the same stable characteristic as landing of ordinary EN-A class. The deceleration efficiency is very good when the pitch is stabilized and the brake code is gradually pulled, stable gliding is carried out to a considerably low speed as the landing speed, and the full break is also stable with a long stroke. Also, when flare stop is performed with a break from the stable glide, you can firmly decelerate at the trailing edge of a single skin so it will not be a pitch up because the speed is too fast like a double surface machine. It’s a surprisingly handy landing operation.
■ Soaring
The hybrid wing form of the curved thin wing with a high lift coefficient is set to compact size and high wing surface load because of its high lift characteristics. (M size 90 kg, 18.6 m 2: wing surface load 4.84 kg / m 2) This is close to the wing surface load of high performance aircraft. Because the lift characteristics are high, you can flight at normal glide speed even with this wing surface load. It is compact in span and overall height, and by generating high lift at low speed, it is easy to compact the turning radius in thermal, and the rate of increase when catching the thermal core can not be tolerated by others It is not exaggeration to say that it is outstanding as much. Moreover, thanks to the high wing load, it also has the characteristic that the tension of the wing against the turbulent flow is high, it is hard to be fucked by the turbulence, and the tight turning can be done easily.
Behavior of wobble and pitch up and down in rising air current, which is often found in beginners and trainees, is felt very smoothly with the stability of the wings mentioned above, and the movement of yawing leading to further collapse is also a single skin Since it is completely suppressed by the stabilizing effect of the ribs of the ribs, it is also a revolutionary controllability that you can maintain stable centering only with the weight shift and breaking of break, without worrying about the fine control of the outer wing Let’s see.
Anyway, the degree of freedom in the thermal is high and the feeling of stability is outstanding, so it is a great place to enjoy soothing calmly without feeling uneasy.
Light, fun and safe soaring glider showing surprising stability
Although it is a unique design glider that is easy to have an image of light and compact glider packages, hiking and flying and adventure flight companions, the hybrid is a high-level safety glider completed by combining the talents of high-tech technology It is the conclusion that the comprehensive flight test was carried out.
Although it is in the category EN-B, it is easier to handle than almost all EN-A gliders, and the takeoff distance is short. Also, because there is no continuity of rolls and pitches, I felt that it is a new style of glider that can be used for training from beginners, because of the amazing characteristics of not requiring detailed operations and techniques to stabilize the aircraft. For the current paraglider world, which is heading toward aging, the benefits of passive safety, “It will provide safety and stability only by riding”, which is more than compensating for anxiety and risks due to declines in physical strength, judgment and reactivity It is a light wing that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.
In case
A rise-up is light, and a hybrid with a very short take-off and landing performance is optimal as a glider for PPG. The straight running stability which does not cause rolling is also perfect as a training machine.”