Source: Paragliding forum

Published by: Aaron (Aaron Richards)

Sent: Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:11 am

Subject: Apco Hike Harness

I’ve had the Hike harness now for a couple of weeks. Flown it with my speedwing and paraglider wing. Very comfortable harness. There was none of the uncomfortable seating position (wedgie effect) that I had on my older light weight harness.

The backpack of the harness has a handy separate pocket made into it for storage. Its easy to flip the harness inside out, and back again. When in harness mode, its actually quite large (meaning a nice large seating area – for this type of harness)

I put some standard Karabiners on it that I already had.

I’ve now spent a few hours flying with it, and I’m impressed with it.

A mate got one at the same time as me (he got the lime, I got the Orange colour), he loves his too.

Its also very well made and nice materials. I’m just looking forward now to get the attachable airbag for it, when its produced.