I have only about 1 hour on the lift 450 but have fallen in love
with it. We will be demonstrating it to some other dealers soon.
Already setting up appointments.
I am flying it on a Destiny XLT with 260 hrs. total time on it.
We flew beside it in a new Destiny XLT with 60 hours on it and a
standard APCO 550. We did the same manuevours as you did in your
advertisement. We came out with the same results. For the same level
flight the tack on the 450 read 4360rpm and the other APCO chute was
reading 5180. Glide was a lot farther in the 450. Climb just wasn’t
a contest as the 450 went up twice as fast as the other plane. The
450 was mounted on a Destiny XLT, with a 62inch spread at the hang
point. Risers were the longer 60″ risers. We will try later with the
50inch risers.
With this all said, I would like a quote on 3 more Lift 450’s.
One of each color.