Hi  Sally and Apco team

Thanks for sending the hybrid L.  I received it over one week ago and had the chance to fly it, test it and let a few pilots fly it.

I am not disappointed at all and like it . I think it is a nice beginner glider and has good potential in schools and for beginner pilot as well.

Let me tell you my impressions after flying the Hybrid in different condition from calm wind to very windy conditions.

Glider is easy , very easy, Nice to inflate.

It is stable . No tendency to over shoot and does not oscillate.

Has good pay load capacity . What would you think the maximum safe weight should be for a beginner pilot ?

Break pressure are good and soft.

Turns are nice and controlled.

Stable in the air and solid in turbulence.

Landing is simple but not as good as a regular glider but ok.

Not a fast glider but a safe glider.


Construction is nice and the wing look good.

It also flys nice with my Quad .  SkyKart


Overall impression,


A very nice and good glider.


Some other points to share with you.


The first impression is that it is a very light glider but the fact that there are not many lines , is a bit concerning as far as the integrity of the material and lines. Since it is not a full surface, one wonder if it is as solid as a double surface with more lines.

It works very well with the Skykart and I was surprised. Even better than the one I am using now.

Can you do also a bigger size ( 26 or 27 )  for special use on a trike with reinforced material and line for me ?

I have done a nice demo with the Hybrid in high wind and did some big ears. Almost over 4000 view now in a few days. I think it is good advertising for you as for me.

How long to order another one ? Or two ? Or …