From: Justin Kyllo
To: apco
Sent: 01 October, 2000 07:56
Subject: Reserve deployment

I just wanted to thank APCO aviation for the excellent design of the mayday reserve. This summer while flying in Golden BC Canada, I had gotten into a situation where my glider went into a spin after I flew low over some cliffs near the top of Mt.7. There was no time to sort out the glider, so I threw my reserve for the first time in a real life situation. I did not land in any trees but in a clearing. I landed completley unscathed with not even a scratch. The APCO mayday saved my life! It took 3and a half hours to hike down to get help, but I was soon with my wife and three children at our campground. I know that they are thankful for the performance of the mayday. I could see the tears on my wifes cheeks when she saw me after the incident( she watched it happen from a distance ). I would reccommend an APCO reserve to anyone looking to get a new one or getting into the sport. I bought mine from my instuctor Jim Reich of Fly BC airsports of Vancouver BC Canada. As I am just getting into tandem instruction I will definitley try to find a tandem reserve made by APCO.

Thank you for a great product! It saved my life.

Regards, Justin Kyllo
North Vancouver BC Canada