a Decade ago I sat deep in conversation with Rob Whittall. We’d just come back from an expedition to the Himalayas, where both of us had failed to enjoy the cumbersome weights of the paraglider bags that had hung from our backs like Quasimodo’s hump – ironically they even made us walk like him! We’d been humping (excuse the pun) 35 kg around in our unshapely, poorly designed sacks for days on end. It was agony. Clearly something had to give, and hopefully it wouldn’t be our backs. We looked at what gear we could leave behind next time and realised we already had it down to the bare minimum. Lightweight fabrics hadn’t reached the market yet, so losing much off the wings was out the question. Only one area of our kit stood loud and proud as the obvious place we could lose weight: our harnesses and bags. I mean, for a starter, surely we didn’t need both?

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The Weight-Watcher’s Guide to Paragliding – Part 2 – XC Mag

Plus h!geres, confortables et techniques! Les constructeurs innovent en permanence pour combiner au mieux confort, poids, pilotage et accessoires. Pour Ie pilote, iI est important de ne pas se tromper car la sellette est un produit que I’on conserve generalement longtemps. La tendance semble s’orienter vers des modeles plus h!gers sans conceder a la solidite ni basculer sur Ie tres leger version fragile. Ici, presentation synthetique de 6 nouvelles sellettes testees en detail dans PP+ durant I’annee 2011. On pourra aussi se referer au PP+ n° 412 ou 8 autres sellettes toujours commercialisees etaient deja presentees. Avec 14 modeles on a deja un joli choix!

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Chairbag Review in Parapente+ (French)

From: Nick Crane, Paracrane USA

I am excited to have my first shipment!
The Chairbag harness is awesome, I really like the design and I think it’s the best on the market I’ve seen.
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Chairbag Harness

Source: Paragliding forum

Published by: Aaron (Aaron Richards)

Sent: Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:11 am

Subject: Apco Hike Harness

I’ve had the Hike harness now for a couple of weeks. Flown it with my speedwing and paraglider wing. Very comfortable harness. There was none of the uncomfortable seating position (wedgie effect) that I had on my older light weight harness.
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I’ve had the Hike harness now for a couple of weeks…

To: Apco Office
Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2016
Subject: SPLIT LEG

I love your new harness!! Amazing how it improves every aspects of flight

I love your new harness!!

The Manufacturer announced it. The new Paramotor harness is now on sale, with both High and Low Hook-up Points. It weighs in at under 1.5kgs, and is distinctive thanks to…

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APCO SPLITS IN TWO – Review in Free Aero Magazine

The idea is so simple that you wonder why it wasn’t thought of earlier. Attach a Mountain Style Harness, with thighs separated, onto a paramotor. By doing this, the whole…

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Apco Split-Leg Harness Review in Free Aero / Voler Magazines

Split-Leg harnesses are common in lightweight paragliding, with most hike and fly harnesses using the design. With more paramotor pilots looking to shave kilos from their kit too, Apco have introduced the idea of Split-Leg harnesses to the world of paramotoring. But its not just about saving weight…

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Apco Split-Leg PPG Harness Review in XC Mag

A bit behind schedule, the Eole 135 from the French manufacturer Bidalot is finally available as a production model, initially with Kangook and Adventure. Here’s our first impression:-

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ENGINE REVIEW: BIDALOT EOLE 135 with Apco Split Leg Harness