I have the Apco Lift EZ-R. Small size. Been flying it for abour 18 months both foot launch and on my flash trike. I have about 18 yrs paramotor flying experience. I love this wing. First this is not an A wing it is definitely more of a B and It certainly IS 2 wings in one. I have the most advanced riser set up. With trim closed and only using brakes, this is a school wing and I love the fact that take off an landing feels like cheating as it is so easy but still pretty dinamic. Once i am In the air I seldom use the brakes. I open full trim and fly with the tip steering toggles. It becomes a different sporty and fast and fun wing. I is fast to keep up with my friends on 3 hour cross country flights and efficient as i use same or less gas. My engine is a moster 185 vitorazzi. I would definitely recommend this wing as a great investment first wing as it is all around what you will need in the first 3-5 years. I have spent a lot of money repairing equip on failed lauches when i had twichy advanced wings on take off. you name it props, cages.. as one tiny over correction and you end up in the ground. Frustrated not able to fly and a big repair bill. Get the Lift and that will not happen!! I certainly wish a wing like this would’ve existed when I started flying.

Pilot Review :: LIFT EZ-R :: Marcelo Lagos

Marlon Jonat, erfolgreicher Vlogger und äußerst talentierter Pilot, hat mit seinem Video über den F1 von Apco in der Szene für Furore gesorgt. PARAMOTOR hat ihn zu seiner Leidenschaft befragt und auch private Dinge aus seinem Leben erfahren …
Interview von Norbert Aprissnig
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F1 :: Review :: Paramotor Mag (German)

Just flew the new 26m F3 for the first time this weekend. What a wing! I came off a Lift EZ and was right at home on the F3. I was ready to run for my life on take-off, and was flying before I knew it! Heaps of lift on landing. My flying weight is around 140kg. Wing is very responsive in flight, just what I was looking for.
Thanks APCO!
NS: Apco, I can only suggest to make a bigger deal of this wing in the media and your website – It just turned up in the lineup one day… I think this wing deserves a bit of fanfare!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Willie Erasmus

Good morning Jonathan

You asked my opinion about the new F3Bi ParaTrike wing.
After the flight and some consideration, here are my impressions:

Positive Points:
Inflation, takeoff and landing are perfect.
Stable in the air and comfortable to steer.
I enjoyed flying the F3Bi, and this will be my next parachute👍.

Negative points:
It is easy to confuse where to connect to the risers (Maybe give a different color)
The 2D Steering is a bit cumbersome and not worth the awkwardness.
In addition there are both trimmers and speed system pulleys, which adds to the awkwardness.
Due to the awkwardness of the risers it is a bit confusing and not so straight forward as my previous glider.

[Reply from Apco: This was a prototype riser – we have modified the risers to improve these points].
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F3Bi (ParaTrike Wing) :: Pilot Comment :: Moshe Grad

The team at Apco nailed it with a well refined wing that is fast, nimble, and really fun to fly. The F3 will inspire pilots to expand their limits for years to come.

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Gilad Almosnino

I’ve been flying the F1 since it was released, and I love its speed and performance! But, now that the F3 is out, I tried it and will get one – its just more relaxing all round, lower takeoff and landing speeds, but still has the great performance, and speed when needed. It will be my wing of choice when mine arrives.

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Eran Barabi

The F3 delivered what I was promised! That light weight thing pops in the air just by thinking about it. Rock solid and stable when I wanted it and super fast and responsive when pushed to the fun zone. Great takeoffs and landings with that baby! Thumbs up APCO!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Jacob Gourvic

I have flown APCO since after leaving PM school. I had the Lift, force 2 and NRG XC. I recently tried the F1 and let me tell you, it’s something else. Faster than the NRG XC, specially on trimmers alone. But my biggest surprise was efficiency. I need less power to fly the F1 level than I need for the intermediate force 2, despite being from 10 to 20 kph faster! Takeoff and landings require skills (fast runs and precise flare required) but if you are a skilled pilot you can nail a standstill landing even at max recommended weight.

Pilot Comment :: F1 :: Charles Terrell

Review of the apco ezr size small…recently purchased this wing from Miguel Simões at power2fly. This wing has made my conversion from Hang-gliding to paramotoring very enjoyable, its easy safe launch, and flying behaviour are very reassuring. Agility when combining tip and main brake steering is very sporty and you can have a lot of fun…very responsive. Whilst flying with friends they have been taken back by the speed of this wing. The build quality and design are what you would expect from Apco, pioneers of the sport with a work ethic second to none.
Thank you Miguel Simões for recommending this wing to me I absolutely love it.
Apco is my brand forever!

Pilot Comment :: LIFT EZ-R :: by Pepe Martello