Thomas Mistretta of Dragonfly Paragliding – Florida, USA, goes live on his first flight on the Apco Hybrid, and gives his first impressions of the wing.

“Hi Sally, Yes, I received the Hybrid and have a couple of students this weekend. Going to try and use the Hybrid and promote it more for new students. I have flown it and it’s the easiest inflating glider I’ve ever tried. I posted a first time free flight review / impressions and liked it a lot.

Hope you had a happy New year as it’s been a while but we are getting into our flying season soon.

Best wishes


Apco Hybrid :: Pilot Comment :: Thomas Mistretta

For decades the perpetual question in paraglider design has been whether or not the art has reached a pinnacle, leaving nowhere else for innovation or performance to go. Yet, despite naysayers proposing that there is nothing original left to achieve, there are still surprises …
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Apco Hybrid Review – Skywings Magazine

Mit der konsequenten Verwendung von leichten Tüchern und nicht ummantelten Leinen sind im Bereich der Singleskins mittlerweile spektakuläre Kappengewichte von unter einem Kilogramm erreichbar. Doch ein praxistauglicher Freiflug- oder Motorschirm muss mehr sein als einfach nur leicht. Genau an dieser Stelle setzte der israelische Gleitschirmhersteller Apco mit dem Hybrid an. Ein Name als Konzept.
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Magazine Review :: Paramotor, das Motorschirm-Magazin (German)

Full-fat or skinny? Now you can have both. Marcus King flies this unique EN-B

The unique Apco Hybrid uses a double surface at the leading edge and a single skin at the trailing edge. According to Apco it is, “a new category of wing in our sport, with unprecedented flying characteristics.”

We met Apco’s Jonathan Cohn at the Kössen Super Paragliding Testival where he showed us his new baby. “Initially the idea was meant to be a…

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Magazine Video Review :: CrossCountry Mag

Apco Hybrid Video Review by Andre Bandarra

Pilot Video Review :: Andre Bandarra

PARAWORLD Magazine Reviews the Hybrid (Japanese Text)

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Apco Hybrid featured in PARAWORLD Magazine

Hi Jonathan,

Got a feedback from the P/M Hybrid L:

first flight today at Bribie beach, 2.5 hrs, very happy, wind got up to 15 knots while flying so was glad of the trimmers which gave me approx +7km/hr, very nice wing & very efficient, thanks

Simon Hunniset

Now his friend wants one,

Take care,


Pilot Comment :: Jean-Luc Lejaille – Rainbow :: Australia

Hi  sally and Apco team

Thanks for sending the hybrid L.  I received it over one week ago and had the chance to fly it, test it and let a few pilots fly it.

I am not disappointed at all and like it . I think it is a nice beginner glider and has good potential in schools and for beginner pilot as well.


Let me tell you my impressions after flying the Hybrid in different condition from…

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Pilot Comment :: Eric Dufour – Paratour :: USA

The Hybrid is truly a great and easy to work with so far. Stable and floats over your head with extremely minimal input. It is light and yet not necessarily a hike&fly like glider. Pilot can literally bring it over his head and ground handle it with just pinky fingers as minimum efforts are needed to maneuver it. Response is direct and canopy does not tend to overshoot rapidly but instead gently rises and stops over you well centered. If pilot misses to catch the surge the canopy gently floats a bit forward and then back in place with no brake application. It appears to be very student friendly.  Commands are very soft at the start and increase tension as you go on deeper. However, deeper or abrupt inputs are barely needed as gliders simply responds well to your touch from the very start of the brake movement. The “language” passed from the canopy to the pilot via the brake tension is absolutely predictable and readable. It almost feels like you simply have your arms spread over your head and this is what is carrying you up or it feels like you become “one” with the glider.

Pilot Comment :: Mariyan Ivanov :: USA

and the rate of climb when catching the thermal core can not be tolerated by others It is not exaggeration to say that it is outstanding as much
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Paraworld Magazine: Hybrid Review in Japanese