Replaceable camet and trim webbing

Easy camet buckle and / or trim webbing replacement.



Allowing for easy camet buckle and / or trim webbing replacement when worn or slipping,
without the need for complete riser replacement.

This arrangement allows not only for trim webbing replacement,
but also for removal of camet buckle incase the buckle is not functioning properly.

The procedure is simple and straightforward, easily done by the dealer – saving time and costs.

Product Code: 79999

**Service Note**

Trimmers are designed to be replaceable as they are intended to degradate over time and recommended to be replaced periodically.
The analogy is to brake pads on a car…

Technical explanation – the kamet buckle locks the webbing by sinking its teeth into the webbing when pulled in the locking direction.

On a soft webbing the lock is very firm and immediate, but with time the teeth will slowly eat up the webbing, especially on high load wings such as LIFT EU.
On the other hand, if the webbing is harder, it will not wear out quickly, but will have a tendency to slip in the kamet buckle, thus wearing out the teeth further increasing slippage up to a point where they will have to be replaced.

APCO’s replaceable trimmer set allows replacement of both webbing and kamet, but the obvious choice is to wear out the webbing and not the kamet teeth.


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