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44704: Karabiner Loop 12 mm Dyneema webbing


Designed for 25mm. diameter tube swing arms.
Rated 2,100 [kg] MBL.
The Apco Karabiner Loop provides pilots a reliable clean way to connect the flying Karabiners to the arms or swing arms on their paramotor frame.

Price is for set of 2 pieces!

57010: Paramotor Tandem Spreader Bar Set


Sold as a set of 2.
Paramotor Tandem Spreader Bar with wide spread to accommodate use with motor.
It has multiple attachment points for easy balancing of the passenger in relation to the pilot. 5 main hook-in points for any pilot, paramotor and passenger weight combinations.
Additionally 2 different height passenger connection points.



This product is  NOT designed for high load aerobatic maneuvers/aerobatics!

57007: Tandem Spreader Bars


Redesigned Spreader bars to attach a second harness to your tandem paraglider incorporating An automatic B-stall mechanism integrated into the spreader bar



This product is  NOT designed for high load aerobatic maneuvers/aerobatics!

63200: Speed Top


Limited quantity only.
Speed Top for dealers and Team Pilots who want to stand out from the crowd!

Designed to follow our wing graphics, the new speed top is light, comfortable and attractive on the ground and in the air.
Made from quick-dry wicking material that is comfortable in both warm or cool weather.

Available in three sizes, S, M & L, in limited numbers, so get your order in fast!

Credit to our team pilot Gert Louis aka “Gloei” from South Africa for the design of the shirts.

Code: 63200S | Small
Code: 63200M | Medium
Code: 63200L | Large

80046: Universal Airbag for harnesses


Self-inflatable and superlight .Adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident.The APCO Paramotor Airbag is universal and will also fit most other brands paramotor harnesses

6013677 : Ear Muffs (silencer only)


Paramotor ear protection.
Compatible with both the JetCom, FreeAir and other helmets. The empty ear cups designed to insure best passive noise reduction possible.
It is the same ear cups we use for our PH1 Headset.
Use it to protect your ears, or to instal your favourite 3rd party comms system.


44015: Foot Rest


The Foot Rest is really useful for improving your aerodynamic shape, improving the weight shifting and taking the load off your feet.