From:Francis gagnon
Sent:Friday, January 29, 2016 6:11 PM

Hello Sally, I need to order another helmet free air com III… as you can see one of our clients had an accident… prop strike directly on the head… by chance he has no injuries due to the great quality of the helmet.


free air com III-no injuries after an accident

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April 2018

Une grande marque de parapentes et sellettes, un peu oubliée en France où elle cherche d’ailleurs à étoffer son réseau de représentants. Tout ceci pourrait bien changer tant la Swift R présente de qualités en efficacité, confort, finitions, poids et prix…
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Apco Swift Harness Review – Parapente Mag (French)

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Vol Libre Magazine review July 2004

From: Steven Acord

I am a new Pilot and all though I do not have many flights right now under my belt I wanted to let you know how awesome your Edge Harness is, well I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is but my experience with it was awesome. I felt so comfortable and when leaning into my turns I would wrap around me as if I were part of the harness.

I look forward to finishing my instruction and earn my rating and taking my first cross country flight in what has to be the most comfortable harness out there.

You can count on me as a return customer and promoter of APCO products. Thanks again!

Steven Acord
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Apco Edge Harness

Ritma, tu me vas!
En plus des ailes parapente et paramoteur, Apco Propose un large gamme de parachutes, accessoires et sellettes, de produites egalement pour d’autres marques.
La Ritma ets le modele airbag polyvalent, elle combine mousse-bag additionel et parachute sous-seige, tout ce qu’il fait pour un usage tres polyvalent!

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Apco Ritma Harness Review in Parapente+ (French)

16 January 2018

We were recently asked about the agility of the wings we fly (Apco Lift). Quite often Lift is considered to be stable and fast but not very agile wing. However, the true character of the wing is revealed when you use the main brakes and the small side ones together. Wing changes its behaviour drastically and follows your inputs instantly. Wingovers are not a problem at all and the wing goes into deep spiral easily.

Youtube Link: Апко Лифт. Управление ушной и основной клевантой

Apco Lift Video Review