I have been flying a 450 lift since 2012 and actually am on my 2nd 450 wing. My wife and I love everything about it. Quick, responsive, agile and safe. What else could a PPC pilot want in a wing? Thats why I said thank you for making this wing. It has made flying so much more enjoyable.

Angelo and Sheila Chirico

Pilot Comment: Angelo Chirico

Apco have created an innovative wing that brings something new to our sports.
Combining elements of single-surface and double-surface wings means advantages
from both….
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Magazine: Cross Country magazine

Hybrid at Coupe Icare 2018 – Rock the Outdoor magazine
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Magazine: Rock the Outdoor – Coupe Icare 2018

Apco explore un nouveau concept, celui d’une aile partiellement mono-surface,
et redéfinit ce que nous pouvons attendre d’une aile à utiliser au moteur. Plein de curiosité, « PM+ » a pu essayer le premier exemplaire arrivé sur le sol français.
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PARAMOTEUR+ Magazine Reviews the Apco Hybrid (French)

Ce cocon s’adresse aux paramotoristes qui réalisent de longues ballades, qui ne veulent pas voler en combinaison l’été. Avant l’acquisition, pensez à l’emplacement de votre secours, notamment si celui-ci est sous l’assise de votre sellette (incompatible dans ce cas) ! Pour le test, Dan a utilisé un secours en ventrale connecté aux mousquetons. Celui-ci vient se poser sans problème sur le dessus du cocon.
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Rock The Outdoor Magazine (French)

Flew my nice new Apco cruiser 550 today, solo. Did 15 minutes, landed to take someone up to try with additional weight.
Here’s how the solo test flight went. Kite up was quick, cells open, no waiting for
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Cruiser Review by Phil Dietro

Ceux qui ont fait du parapente connaissent les lourdes et encombrantes sellettes en forme de menhir… Apco fait fort avec un cocon léger, très léger et bien pensé, à un prix abordable. Il est bien entendu adaptable sur les sellettes paramoteur et pourrait être aussi utile en parapente.
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Paramoteur+ Magazine (French)

From: Keith MacCullough
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 1:43 AM
To: Apco Aviation
Subject: Apco Hybrid

Dear Sally and Jonathan

Just received the first Hybrid and Wow just simply WOW. I can say that I
believe this is the best piece of kit APCO has ever made and that says a lot
from me who has flown almost every Paraglider APCO has ever made.

Thank You

Now can we please order a Large Hybrid as soon as possible in colour Surf #27

Thank you

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Keith MacCullough – Apco Hybrid

Hi Jonathan. flew the hybrid first time today. almost no wind at the take off. The glider comes up surprisingly fast. no overshooting at all. The takeoff speed is quite low and it carries the pilot’s weight soon. good feddbackk on brakes  during launch.
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Klaus Angerer – Austria

Yes, the wing flys great. Went flying Saturday morning early for an
hour and half with my son. We both have Green Eagles. Turned 64 last
Wednesday and can’t believe I waited so long.  The Lift EU II is a great
wing. That was only my 14th flight. Thanks,  David.


David Whiting – USA