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Marlon Jonat Reviews the F3

F3 :: Video Review :: Marlon Jonat

Der F3 basiert auf dem F1, er ist laut Hersteller allerdings handlicher und einfacher zu fliegen als der F1. Der F3, der während der Entwicklung von Apco den Spitznamen „Kleiner Bruder des F1“ erhielt, wurde aufgrund des Erfolgs des F1 konzipiert und…(read more)

F3 Review :: Paramotor Mag :: German

 just recently flew my Powrachute Airwolf Rotax 912 ULS with your Cruiser wing. I want to tell you how happy I am with it. Inflation is easy and it wants to get up and fly.
Thanks, APCO


Safety and style are two main factors why many choose an Apco helmet, but the new Jetcom helmet has so many practical factors that make it such a great choice. I really like the
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JETCOM Helmet :: Pilot Comment :: by Paul Haxby

I have the Apco Lift EZ-R. Small size. Been flying it for abour 18 months both foot launch and on my flash trike. I have about 18 yrs paramotor flying experience. I love this wing. First this is not an A wing it is definitely more of a B and It certainly IS 2 wings in one. I have the most advanced riser set up. With trim closed and only using brakes, this is a school wing and I love the fact that take off an landing feels like cheating as it is so easy but still pretty dinamic. Once i am In the air I seldom use the brakes. I open full trim and fly with the tip steering toggles. It becomes a different sporty and fast and fun wing. I is fast to keep up with my friends on 3 hour cross country flights and efficient as i use same or less gas. My engine is a moster 185 vitorazzi. I would definitely recommend this wing as a great investment first wing as it is all around what you will need in the first 3-5 years. I have spent a lot of money repairing equip on failed lauches when i had twichy advanced wings on take off. you name it props, cages.. as one tiny over correction and you end up in the ground. Frustrated not able to fly and a big repair bill. Get the Lift and that will not happen!! I certainly wish a wing like this would’ve existed when I started flying.

Pilot Review :: LIFT EZ-R :: Marcelo Lagos

Tip for use – At the shoulder straps there are two adjustment points, one attached from the shoulder down to the rear of the frame/motor The other is a round shaped strap that runs through the front strap (belly strap) and behind your bum. You want this – “snug” So when you lean forward to get out of the harness to land your chest moving forward pulls the round strap and that pulls the leg/bum part of the harness up behind you so your legs dangle clear for landing. I had issues getting out until I adjusted these tighter than I thought they should be. I hope this helps people as I love this harness now.

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Pilot Review :: YouTube Video Manual comment

Marlon Jonat, erfolgreicher Vlogger und äußerst talentierter Pilot, hat mit seinem Video über den F1 von Apco in der Szene für Furore gesorgt. PARAMOTOR hat ihn zu seiner Leidenschaft befragt und auch private Dinge aus seinem Leben erfahren …
Interview von Norbert Aprissnig
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F1 :: Review :: Paramotor Mag (German)