From: Steve Hill

To: apco

Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 3:56 PM

Subject: Reserve Deployment


I was flying with your lightweight 18 reserve in Porterville SA and had to pull it. It worked first time, so many thanks for saving me……

Many thanks

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Reserve Deployment

From: Ray Dauphinee

Sent: Friday, August 12, 2016 6:55 PM

Country: canada

To: apco

Subject: Saved by my Mayday

Hi guys.

Just a quick note to say thank you for making such a reliable reserve chute.
Yesterday, I needed it. I had a collapse on my paraglider and threw my reserve.
I was at an altitude of approx 200 ft AGL at the time of deployment. It deployed beautifully and quickly. Undoubtedly, it saved my life. I had repacked it 4 months earlier.

My reserve information is below: Date of Purchase: 2011Jun29 Manufacturer: APCO Aviation Model: May Day 18 Surface: 29.7 sq m Weight Range: 74-110kg Date of Inspection: 2011/March
PS: I bought all of my PG equipment from Advance.

Thanks again.
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Saved by my Mayday

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Hi there Apco,
Thank you for manufacturing an outstanding wing. Due to the whether I had the opportunity to fly my new Lift EU 400 on Saturday morning.
What a pleasure. Not what I expected. The wing came up with no surprises at all. Just sit there waiting for the next command. In flight the wing is responsive with the best glide ratio. Landing the trike was really very easy with minimal input.
The wing was really worth the wait.
All I can say is good luck improving on this wing.

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Pilot comment: Lionel Schlebusch

I have only about 1 hour on the lift 450 but have fallen in love
with it. We will be demonstrating it to some other dealers soon.
Already setting up appointments.
I am flying it on a Destiny XLT with 260 hrs. total time on it.
We flew beside it in a new Destiny XLT with 60 hours on it and a
standard APCO 550. We did the same manuevours as you did in your
advertisement. We came out with the same results. For the same level
flight the tack on the 450 read 4360rpm and the other APCO chute was
reading 5180. Glide was a lot farther in the 450. Climb just wasn’t
a contest as the 450 went up twice as fast as the other plane. The
450 was mounted on a Destiny XLT, with a 62inch spread at the hang
point. Risers were the longer 60″ risers. We will try later with the
50inch risers.
With this all said, I would like a quote on 3 more Lift 450’s.
One of each color.

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Pilot comment: Don, USA

My friend John Hollis bought one your lift 450 chutes and we fly together frequently. Both of our machines weigh 500 lbs with 15 gallons of fuell and rotax 582 motors. He typically flys 2-4 mph faster and climbs out steeper than I can. He has done engine out landings with a passenger and has plenty of energy left over.
What I am trying to say is that in the affluent neighborhood I live in, and the introduction of a revolutionary PPC wing, I believe that I can sell a bunch of these wings over here. Most in this area are hesitant about any reflex wing but since flying with John I believe that I can change their minds…. Please contact me regarding becoming a dealer for my area
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Pilot comment: Tony, USA
Here is the completed registration card. This is my 2nd Lift 450 and I love fling this wing! It is so much better that the square chute and if I didn’t have a 450, I’d probably give up flying! Thank you.
PS A clip of my 450 flying in New England!

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Pilot Comment: Angelo, New England


I have a single seat powered parachute made by Powrachute in 2002. It is a Skyrascal. It meets regulations part 103. I would like to know what wing made by Apco that you would recommend. I was looking at the lift II ppc 400 The halo is 31″ wide. I would need to also know what length risers to use as well. And if you sell them. I currently have two of your Cruiser wings on a couple of Airwolfs. We love them. Great job on the design.

Thank you

David Hickmott
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Pilot Comment: David, USA

Like to thank you for the chute. I’m sure you’re aware of its performance, but I really didn’t expect it to fly so well. Every factor is great, lift, kiting, and steering. I’d recommend it to anyone.
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Pilot Comment :: Jeff :: USA

I just started flying your 550 Cruiser and I love it. I lost about 20 FPM climb rate from my Thunder Bolt 340 but way better climb than a Rectangle chute. But I gained a whole bunch of confidence in take off and landing. I felt unsafe with the Thunder Bolt. I have never seen a chute that comes up that fast and perfect. I am flying 34 MPH with this chute and the Thunder Bolt flew at 39 MPH. I like the slower speed on take off and landing on rough runways. Thank You taking the time to make a better chute.
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Pilot comment: Steve, USA