The Karisma, is great, I have to say the brake travel is a bit short and more responsive  than a regular ENA glider, which is good if the student have good sense of pitch control .

Yeah nice beginner glider with a very thick fabric which good for durability, love the shark nose,nice glide and is fast!

Pilot Comment :: Mauricio Fleitas :: USA

Pilot Video :: Rock Climb & Fly ::


Adventure video of friends, exploring Wadi Rum, Jordan. Wall climbing and flying with The Apco Hybrid and Hike Harness.
Thank You,
Walter, Alon, Tristan and Sarah.

Pilot Video :: Rock Climb & Fly ::

Our Primas are starting to get old but I refuse to teach the first days on anything else…

Is there an APCO AVIATION SPECIAL on buying many Primas at once……hahaha.

Replacing line sets on some of them from 1993 is just not feasible anymore.
And yes we still have them flying and they still work perfectly and have saved many a student with poor skills. To me there is just nothing better and everyday out I find at least one Instructor saying Prima saved that ass because they truly do.

Thank you

Keith MacCullough

Apco Prima – Pilot (Instructor) Comment

For decades the perpetual question in paraglider design has been whether or not the art has reached a pinnacle, leaving nowhere else for innovation or performance to go. Yet, despite naysayers proposing that there is nothing original left to achieve, there are still surprises …
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Apco Hybrid Review – Skywings Magazine

I’m happy to give you my review notes on the wing in this email. Jeff Hamann let me use the his new Force 2 wing for the trip in Chile for photos. For your reference, I fly ~300 paramotor hours per year (~100 paragliding) and travel around the world for flying adventures. I have owned many wings in the past 10 years and I am intrigued and impressed by the Force 2 as a good “do everything” wing.

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Pilot Comment :: Scott Richie :: USA

Mit der konsequenten Verwendung von leichten Tüchern und nicht ummantelten Leinen sind im Bereich der Singleskins mittlerweile spektakuläre Kappengewichte von unter einem Kilogramm erreichbar. Doch ein praxistauglicher Freiflug- oder Motorschirm muss mehr sein als einfach nur leicht. Genau an dieser Stelle setzte der israelische Gleitschirmhersteller Apco mit dem Hybrid an. Ein Name als Konzept.
Read the Full Review Here…

Magazine Review :: Paramotor, das Motorschirm-Magazin (German)

“So, the first impressions were very good, even surprising. A very flexible wing, one to keep an eye on…”
By Sascha Burkhardt

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Magazine Review :: Free.Aero (English, German, French and Spanish)

Full-fat or skinny? Now you can have both. Marcus King flies this unique EN-B

The unique Apco Hybrid uses a double surface at the leading edge and a single skin at the trailing edge. According to Apco it is, “a new category of wing in our sport, with unprecedented flying characteristics.”

We met Apco’s Jonathan Cohn at the Kössen Super Paragliding Testival where he showed us his new baby. “Initially the idea was meant to be a…

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Magazine Video Review :: CrossCountry Mag

Apco Hybrid Video Review by Andre Bandarra

Pilot Video Review :: Andre Bandarra

I love My all Green Apco play 4 2 UL Glider

Just wanted to share my video with y’all ??

John Hancock

Pilot Comment :: John Hancock :: USA