“Dear Anatoly, Hopefully things are well at your factory…
First, I would just like mention a thing about the Thrust we received from you earlier, that was intended to be used as a demo glider here…

I was really pleasantly surprised by the easy inflation/handling of that wing, and it’s a pure joy to fly… I have flown several brands of gliders earlier, including Gin, Swing/Powerplay, Skywalk, Ozone, etc, but this one sure beats them all, and I will probably end up keeping it myself!”
Anders Persson
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Pilot comment :: Anders, Sweeden

The handling is very direct with a nice feeling through the brakes. It was super easy to top land in a tight spot with so much Brake travel at its disposal…
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Pilot Comment: Kieth, Canada

I flew my Vista 4 three times.
The first 2 flights in very calm conditions.
Gave it first real test 2 weeks ago in Kerio rift valley in Kenya.
Strong conditions and the wing was great. Very stable when rough.
A real pleasure to fly.
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Pilot Comment: Robin, Kenya

Unbelievable step up from my Force SP. All most the same efficiency in fuel consumption but much, much faster and so much fun…
Thanks APCO !
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Pilot Review: Tom, USA

I totally love my Apco Force II.
The classic Force is still a great wing and was my favourite wing until I tried the Force II.
The Force II is just so much better in every way. It’s extremely efficient, fast but also slow when I want to go low and slow, very stabile at speed, surprisingly agile and incredibly compact.
Also the color combinations are outstanding. The ICE looks more or less as the Northern Lights (Aurora) up North of Norway.
This is simply the best wing I’ve ever tested.

Totally impressed!
Not need to look further.

Best regards,
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Pilot comment: Trond, Norway

Slow take-off and landing speed makes take off and landing easier.
Compared to the Force SP, the Force II has a higher top speed. ABS system works good. The Force II is stable and does not have a tendency to roll. Speed bar works well.
It’s a good cross-country wing.
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Pilot Comment: Danny Hubbard, UK

Take offs are still really easy. Similar in feel to the lift EZ, the wing is easy to control when doing either a forward or reverse launch and I’m usually airborne after a few steps and a steady pull on the brakes in all but nil wind conditions…
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Pilot comment: Robert Ford, UK

Hi,  I have bought the APCO Force 2 and I think it is best ever PM glider I flown.
Great product and fun to fly.

Best regards,
Per Hellsten
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Pilot Comment: Per Hellsten

Hey! I just bought an apco (force 2) and I’m loving it, you really have products of great quality and credibility. You have great products and a strong name in the market. You could improve the site, because it is the face of the online company. (written reg old site)

Greatings form Brazil!
And tanx for the excellent product!
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Pilot Comment: Yanis – brazil