Fantastic! My new Jetcom helmet is quite light and comfortable. I like that the air-vents can be open/closed, it really helps on those hot days when you want your head to breath. Fidlock magnet on the chinstrap makes it very easy to close/open. And the size adjusting roller at the back is very easy to use, even during the flight.

JETCOM Helmet :: Pilot Comment :: by Adrian Smith

Just flew the new 26m F3 for the first time this weekend. What a wing! I came off a Lift EZ and was right at home on the F3. I was ready to run for my life on take-off, and was flying before I knew it! Heaps of lift on landing. My flying weight is around 140kg. Wing is very responsive in flight, just what I was looking for.
Thanks APCO!
NS: Apco, I can only suggest to make a bigger deal of this wing in the media and your website – It just turned up in the lineup one day… I think this wing deserves a bit of fanfare!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Willie Erasmus

Kitto :: Review :: XC Mag
Apco :: un gradito ritorno :: Volo Libero Magazine (Italian)

Good morning Jonathan

You asked my opinion about the new F3Bi ParaTrike wing.
After the flight and some consideration, here are my impressions:

Positive Points:
Inflation, takeoff and landing are perfect.
Stable in the air and comfortable to steer.
I enjoyed flying the F3Bi, and this will be my next parachute👍.

Negative points:
It is easy to confuse where to connect to the risers (Maybe give a different color)
The 2D Steering is a bit cumbersome and not worth the awkwardness.
In addition there are both trimmers and speed system pulleys, which adds to the awkwardness.
Due to the awkwardness of the risers it is a bit confusing and not so straight forward as my previous glider.

[Reply from Apco: This was a prototype riser – we have modified the risers to improve these points].
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F3Bi (ParaTrike Wing) :: Pilot Comment :: Moshe Grad

The team at Apco nailed it with a well refined wing that is fast, nimble, and really fun to fly. The F3 will inspire pilots to expand their limits for years to come.

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Gilad Almosnino

I’ve been flying the F1 since it was released, and I love its speed and performance! But, now that the F3 is out, I tried it and will get one – its just more relaxing all round, lower takeoff and landing speeds, but still has the great performance, and speed when needed. It will be my wing of choice when mine arrives.

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Eran Barabi

The F3 delivered what I was promised! That light weight thing pops in the air just by thinking about it. Rock solid and stable when I wanted it and super fast and responsive when pushed to the fun zone. Great takeoffs and landings with that baby! Thumbs up APCO!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Jacob Gourvic

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try the Vista 5 recently, and placed my order when I landed. It was a light thermic day with low expectations from the forecast. I launched first in very light wind, but climbed out immediately to the first developing clouds, it was my first time at cloud base! Just Fantastic!

Pilot Comment :: Vista V :: Andrew Turner

Apco Kitto – XC Mag – Video Review