Hi Sally,
Wanted to pass to you and to all the Team there the admirations expressed by one of our students here who is flying the Hybrid. The glider serves…

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Pilot Comment :: Hybrid :: Mariyan – Compass Airsports

Apco Swift Race Harness Review :: Thermik Magazine :: German
dem Swift will der israelische Hersteller Apco Wettkampfpiloten und XC-Piloten gleichermaßen
ansprechen. Das Liegegurtzeug könnte für Apco das Comeback im Freiflugbereich am deutschsprachigen
Markt bedeuten …
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Apco Swift Race Harness Review :: Thermik Magazine :: German

The Swift Harness Series Reviewed by Rock the Outdoors Magazine (French)
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Rock the Outdoors Magazine :: French

Hi Jonathan

I am very impressed with the Hybrid, it’s roll stability is unmatched on anything I’ve flown. Perfect for students. There is a pitch oscillation on launch if the student over powers the inflation but it settles down very well.

Pilot Comment :: Apco Hybrid :: by Justin Shaw, Australia

Rave Review for the Apco Hybrid in German: “Mit dem Hybrid betritt der israelische Hersteller den mittlerweile heiß umkämpften Markt der Singleskins. Halt! Genau genommen ist der Hybrid nur ein halber Singleskin, denn der vordere Teil des Flügels ist herkömmlich mit Ober- und Untersegel ausgestattet …”
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Review :: Apco Hybrid :: Thermik Magazine

I flew the F1 in Israel.
First, I was really surprised with the high aspect ratio, the glider looks beautiful and efficient.
Then I inflated it – Amazing. You just think and the glider inflates right away, even with no wind.
I thought for the first flight that I will need many ground handling to manage such a great wing, but instead, I flew immediately, and had fun instantly. The take off is smooth, lift is great and manageability incredible. The flight part is really comfortable, the wing follows your wishes, turns and gives you good feeling of the weather.
Trims and speed bar are so easy to use. I was really impressed with the speed. One of the fastest wings in my opinion. Probably the fastest.
The feeling while flying is safe, clear, and nice. I liked also the landing, huge flare, nice precision.
I loved it.
I will get one as soon as possible!
Aurelia Halle

Pilot Comment :: F1 :: by Aurelia Halle

Check out the Karisma today ? . Even though a beginner glider , I am starting to love it more and more each flight ?

Pilot comment – Karisma :: Mariyan Ivanov :: USA

“I’ve flown them all, and this wing, beats them all, in every aspect…
I could not stop smiling, and didn’t want to land nor return the prototype I had the opportunity to test fly…
Order for mine is in…”

Pilot Comment – F1 :: Benny Perrez

My regular wing is the Hadron XX so thats my comparison mark. I was flying the F1 for less than an hour, but can definitely say its lighter, easier to inflate and to ground handle which is very important to heavy weight and limited space takeoffs. In the air it is very agile and the brakes need significantly less force to have input on the wing which makes you less fatigued in long flights, and really improves the handling and make it very accurate, especially in very steep turns. I really enjoyed flying it and would be happy to continue exploring this wing and take it to its limits.

Pilot Comment :: F1 :: Nadav Palmach

Rock the Outdoor tests the Apco Swift race harness.

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Rock the Outdoors Magazine :: French