Hi there Apco

Thank you for manufacturing an outstanding wing. Due to the whether I had the opportunity to fly my new Lift EU 400 on Saturday morning.

What a pleasure. Not what I expected. The wing came up with no surprises at all. Just sit there waiting for the next command. In flight the wing is responsive with the best glide ratio. Landing the trike was really very easy with minimal input.

The wing was really worth the wait.

All I can say is good luck improving on this wing.

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Lionel Schlebusch

Hello APCO,
I want to thank you for making this wing, it is the best tandem I have ever flown and I could not be happier! Take-off and landing is easier than anything I had and brake pressure is same as my private LIFT PPG wing

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Pilot comment: Alain, France

I’ve owned.. Snakes, Doberman 2, Flown Viper 4 & Paramania GTX and honestly feel NRG Pro 2 is the cream from them all!

Thank you #apco through your drive for continuous development you have taken the NRG next level! 🙂
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Pilot Comment: Casey, Australia

Hello! Thanks! I really Love my NRG xc 2.

Olof Karlsson Team sweden

Pilot Comment: Olof,

We have worked very hard the previous month and now we can more reliably share with you our opinion and impressions regarding your tandem paraglider Game 42, with which only made a little more than 70 hours of air time.
As I said earlier we are a professional tandem pilots and so far we used quite a lot of different tandem paragliders.
Our opinions and impressions) that Game42 really good paraglider.
Take-off – very well.
Landing – excellent and in conditions without wind even with demanding passengers.
Flying in thermals – excellent behaves like a single wing.
Acro maneuvers – a good, slightly more demanding than some tandems in my opinion because of the greater length of the lines.

With best regards from Montenegro.
Predrag and Nenad
Paragliding Montenegro Team.
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Pilot Commnet: Predrag, Montenegro

The handling is very good and the slow take off and landing speed along with the speed to lift conversion impressed me and my passengers did like the nil wind easy take off and the very gentle nil wind landing.  Any feedback is appreciated and would it be okay to mention yourself and quote your comments that refer to the Game 42?

Glide and sink rate did surprise me and from my brief use of the wing the best sink rate was at slow trim (fully closed) with the best glide at trimmers set at the red line (in neutral conditions of course).

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Pilot Comment: Paul, UK